Mystic Booth:

-Completely UV FREE

-Get all-over dark color in less than 60 seconds!

-Norvell solution is used in our booth, paraben free, sulfate free, & all other safe ingredients

-3 color shade options to chose from

-Arrive with clean, exfoliated skin

-Do not use bar soap, deodorant, or makeup
-Wear looser fitting clothing

-To maintain your color moisturize daily!

-Your color will last between 5- 7 days

-Watch the video from so you know what to expect before your visit!

Custom Hand-Held Airbush Tanning:

-We only use Norvell brand spray solution

-We offer a variety of color shade options to fit everyone's personal needs!...The "Venetian" is the most requested solution in the industry!

-We offer competition body-building solution as well.

-Follow the instructions above for prepping your skin for your sunless airbrush session.

-Your custom spray tan will last 7-10 days.

-Call 412-521-1311 to schedule a appointment today...we also do home parties call to inquire :-)

Level 3:

- Soltron "Hot Pepper"

- 40 160 watt bulbs

-3 400 watt adjustable facial tanners

-15 minute total tan time

-Bronzing bulbs

-High Intensity tan

-Internal cooling system

-Longer, lasting dark color

Level 1:

-Soltron "Kiss"

-32 120 watt body bulbs

 -20 Minute total tan time

-Great base-building unit

Level 2:

- Ergoline "Ambition 250"

-32 120 watt body bulbs

-3 400 watt facial tanners

-20 minute total tan time

-Base building bed with a kick!

5 Level's of Tanning!

Level 4:

-Sundash "252 Radius"

-50 200 watt turbo bulbs

-12 minute max time

-Internal fan system

-Head to toe color...over 6ft of tanning lamps!

-Get color in as little as 2 sessions

-Long lasting color

Level 5:

- ETS "Velocity"

-18 1000 watts High Intensity bulbs w/ shoulder tanners

-15 minute total tan time

-Lay on a contoured, suspended acrylic for the best 360 degree tan!

-Deep tissue tanning bulbs provide a deep long lasting tan while minimzing the risk of burning

-99.9% UVA bulbs

-Open designed unit

-Gives long-lasting color for both fairer-skinned people and darker-skinned people