Level 1:

-Soltron "Kiss"

-32 120 watt body bulbs

 -20 Minute total tan time

-Great base-building unit

Level 3:

- Soltron "Hot Pepper" 

- 40 160 watt bulbs

-3 400 watt adjustable facial tanners

-15 minute total tan time

-Bronzing bulbs

-High Intensity tan

-Internal cooling system

-Longer, lasting dark color


Level 5:

- Ergoline Excellence 850 HIGH PRESSURE

-Ergoline Sunrise 480 9 min TURBO POWER stand up unit

-12 ~1000 watts High Intensity in the canopy​

-Shoulder & neck tanners

-9 or 12 minute total tan time

-Lay on a contoured acrylic for the best all over tan!

-Deep tissue tanning bulbs provide a deep long lasting tan while minimzing the risk of burning

-99.9% UVA bulbs

-Gives long-lasting color for both fairer-skinned people and darker-skinned people

5 Level's of Tanning!

Level 2:

- Ergoline "Ambition 250"

-32 120 watt body bulbs

-3 400 watt facial tanners

-20 minute total tan time

-Base building bed with a kick!

Level 4:

-Sundash "252 Radius"

-50 200 watt bulbs

-12 minute max time

-Internal fan system

-Head to toe color...over 6ft of tanning lamps!

-Get color in as little as 2 sessions

-Long lasting color

Mystic HD KYSS Booth:

>HD - High-Definition Heat & Drying...

With a full-length heated column you will enter a pre-heated environment and be enveloped in warmth. Your skin will be infused with heat after each spray pass, allowing for maximum solution absorption.

>Airbrush-Like Application with MagneTan® Technology

A unique spraying process with a sweeping side-to-side airbrush motion, our patented MagneTan® Technology attracts solution myst to every exposed surface of the skin, creating a streak-free, even, natural-looking tan every time.

>4 Levels of Color & Multiple Additives

A completely customized experience. Choose from 4 levels of color, from a light glow to dark, and everything in between. Further customize your session by adding a fragrance of your choice, and multiple levels of instant cosmetic color. In a hurry? Accelerate your tanning development with the Mystic Tan accelerator additive!

>Enclosed, Yet Open Environment

Step into a private warm environment. With Mystic Tan HD's semi-transparent walls, you will feel relaxed from start to finish with a private yet open-feeling experience.

>Step-by-Step Audio Instructions

Never miss a step. Experience fully automated step-by-step audio instructions throughout the entire tanning process.


Custom Hand-Held Airbush Tanning:

-We only use Norvell brand spray solution

-We offer a variety of color shade options to fit everyone's personal needs!...The "Venetian" is the most requested solution in the industry!

-We offer competition body-building solution as well.

-Follow the instructions above for prepping your skin for your sunless airbrush session.

-Your custom spray tan will last 7-10 days.

-Call 412-521-1311 to schedule a appointment today...we also do home parties call to inquire :-)

-Follow the steps below on prepping your skin before your sunless session

Follow these preparation tips before Sunless Tanning

BEFORE your Sunless Application:

Exfoliate skin at least 3 to 6 hours before your sunless session to smooth skin for even tanning results. Spend a little extra time on knees, elbows, feet, and hands. We recommend exfoliating with Norvell® Moisturizing Body Scrub.

Shave at least 3-6 hours before your sunless tanning session.

Any waxing should be done 1-2 days before your sunless tanning session.

If skin is dry apply a light water based lotion lightly and evenly to skin at least 2 hours prior to your sunless tan. We recommend moisturizing with Body Drench® Daily Moisturizer.

Do not apply oils at any time prior to or after your sunless tan.

Remove make-up prior to your sunless tanning application for best results.

Bring looser fitting darker colored clothing to your airbrush appointment.

Do not wear wool, nylon, or silk during or after your sunless application and for at least 8 hours as DHA may react with these fabrics and cause staining.

AFTER  your Sunless Application:

Wait at least 8 to 12 hours after application before you shower. (Unless you got sprayed with the Norvell Venetain ONE, warm-rinse 3 hours after application, no soap!) This will allow time for the self-tanning reaction to occur on the skin. If you need to shower sooner let your airbrush technician know before your session and she can custom mix the formula accordingly.

Don’t worry if you see color wash off from your first shower, this is normal. What you see washing off is the immediate cosmetic bronzer and what is left behind is a beautiful sunless tan.

Do not apply moisturizer until after your first shower, for this could affect the immediate reaction of the sunless solution on the skin and cause streaking. When showering we recommend a high quality body wash such as Norvell® Hydrating Body Wash.

Do not exercise until after your first shower.

Moisturize 2-3 times daily, especially after bathing, to maintain your sunless tan. For best results use a water based moisturizer. Don’t use oil based moisturizers, they can cause blotchiness.

Do not apply moisturizer until AFTER your first shower, for this could affect the immediate reaction of the sunless solution on the skin and cause streaking. When showering we recommend a high quality body wash such as Norvell® Hydrating Body Wash.

To help extend your tan we recommend Norvell® Prolong Tan Extender.

Do not exfoliate skin for at least 48 hours after your sunless tanning application. When you do exfoliate, do so gently and evenly with Norvell® Moisturizing Body Scrub to preserve an even sunless tan.

If sun-bathing remember to wear only water based sunscreen. Sunless products do not contain sunscreen. Although you look like you have a tan, you will still need a sunscreen to prevent your skin from burning. We recommend California Tan® Water-Resistant Sunblock.

Periodically we recommend doing a complete salt scrub exfoliation with Norvell® Sea Coral Salt Scrub. Please make sure that this salt scrub is done at least 24 hours prior to any sunless tanning.